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In Spook House, you play as a reanimated skeleton harvesting the fear of mortals to survive. Place monsters in a haunted house to balance the entertainment and terror of your guests. Earn resources and build your own spooky empire.


  • Play as a spooky skeleton entrepreneur on a quest to regain power!
  • Manage your haunted house and spook guests with monsters!
  • Build the spookhouse of your dreams (or nightmares) with customizing features!
  • Spooky, fun art
  • A full original spine-tingling soundtrack


Spook House is being developed by Hidden Pizza, a team of indie devs from Bloomington, Indiana. Brought together by their mutual love of spooky scary skeletons, the team intends to release the game in Spring 2017.

Detailed Info:

In Spook House, you step into the foot bones of a newly reanimated skeleton. You realize you can finally take advantage of your inheritance: a spooky old mansion.

Advertising as a 24-hour haunted house, you open your gates to thrill-seekers of all ages! Children, adults, and even elders come to your house to get spooked by monsters, haunted props, and hidden traps.

Manage your money and your monsters, sign infernal contracts, and gain power from your guests' terror as you build an empire of spook houses and become the ultimate spooklord!


As we are still in the middle of the development process, we are looking for feedback on our game! If you're interested in playtesting for us, send an email to hiddenpizzadev@gmail.com!


SpookHouse.zip (385 MB)


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